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"The soul of our company can be defined as
Sustainable Swiss Beauty
- it is at the core of all we do"

Two years ago, Anna began her company with a single vision: create sustainable Swiss, all natural beauty products which are never tested on animals, and contain no sulphates or other harmful ingredients.

Anna’s all natural Swiss gold particle shampoo has become the number one selling gold particle shampoo in the world.  This fact is owed to her loyal fans who share their opinions with others about our all natural exclusive ingredients and the benefits of real gold particles to their hair and scalp health.

Discover Anna Farrell and learn about how her first product, a Swiss all natural gold particle shampoo changed how women wash their hair. Building on this success, in the next couple months she will launch her much anticipated Swiss all natural gold particle hair mask. Her success as a Swiss woman entrepreneur has earned her a huge following on Instagram and made her one of the most influential voices in the Swiss beauty scene.

Discover Anna Farrell

Discover Anna Farrell
And change the way you think about beauty:

From how solve some of the most challenging hair problems, to insider tips and tricks using the best of Swiss Beauty Products, this is the definitive members-only Swiss beauty blog.  

Anna discovers and demystifies beauty in a fresh and unique way, which you can apply to your life today. Here is a short sample of her Swiss Beauty Blog Posts. Anna would love to welcome you as a member of our Swiss Beauty Blog Family.


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how to take care of your hair so that you look sensational


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